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On Practicing (Part 1)

I’ve been finding myself enjoying music lately, but not playing the drums.  I think it’s because I haven’t had a good practice session in a while.  There’s just no flow to my playing and when I sit down, I have ZERO ideas. That’s a problem.

I’ve been playing for 12 years.  I have trillions of ideas.  I think what happens is we have too many ideas that we don’t know what to do and we become paralyzed.  It’s like if someone told you to take a free solo RIGHT NOW.  It would actually be pretty hard.

My suggestion and the suggestion is the same from some of my favorite drummers and teachers, Benny Greb and Mike Johnston. Limit your parameters.  When you say, okay I’m only going to play this, this, and this, it’s much easier to practice.

Also, when it comes to the lack of idea part… sit down and write out the ideas you know just off the top of your head.  I could think of 25 (just off the top of my head).  Those are the ideas I’m going to practice tomorrow and the parameters I will stay in.